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Introducing: skribblax

This month’s featured artist: skribblax



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What’s your favorite medium? My favorite medium is color pencil I’ve used it for years and all though it takes longer than painting I feel more free using them. What’s your least favorite medium? I don’t think I have one I love them all there has yet been one I don’t or dislike. What mediums do you work in? I work with all mediums in my art work,  I don’t like limitations or to limit whats in my art.   I love having people wonder and find new things in my art including what I used to make it. Is there a medium you’ve never worked in but would like to try? The only medium I haven’t worked with yet is spray paint.   I have used spray paint, but I haven’t used it in my art just yet but plan to in the future. What style of art do you create? All though I do all types of art my personal style is to make an art piece then merge submitted face pics of the people who enjoy my art into it …its a fun way to be interactive with the viewers of my art and meet new people. What inspires you? I wish i could say it comes from other artists like most .. but even though it is one part its not the only source of my inspiration.  When I was a kid,  me and my older brother would spend time finding art in the things around us.   We would look at the wall and like finding shapes in the clouds.   We had to find art within the walls bumps and shapes formed in the paint as a game then draw what we saw… now that I’m older a simple walk can trigger my next art piece just from my surroundings and what I see even the people. What tip would you give to new artists? Take risks in art don’t hold back no matter how You feel others will think about it!   Thank you so much skribblax for sharing yourself and your art with us! Please visit skribblax at his website and take a look at his wonderful artwork and give him a follow him on social media! Until next time, Keep Creating!
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