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Stop Squinting – Come To The Light Side

Eye strain?  That might not be your only problem as an artist if your lighting isn’t good enough! Today we’re going to talk about having proper lighting while working on your art. Everyone knows you need to draw in good lighting.  It’s important for seeing the values in your pencil work when you work in graphite.  When working with graphite there’s really no need for any sort of specialty lighting.  Any descent house light can work.  I will admit, from time to time I have worked in extremely low light conditions.  While my drawing did not suffer, I’m afraid my poor eyes were not very happy with me. The same can not be said for working in color. Your best bet when working on a color piece is to use natural lighting.  Working near a window with good natural sunlight would be the ideal situation.   In theory that is the best plan, but what if it’s a cloudy day?  What if you do your best creating at night?  The obvious solution would be to sit near a light.  However, did you know having the wrong type of light could be a bit disastrous?  Most average light bulbs give off some sort of hue.  The most common tend to give off a soft yellow toned glow.  Some may have a pinkish or blueish hue.  
  Light Chart
  When you’re working in color mediums ( I’ll refer to colored pencil as it is what I am currently beginning to work in) having the wrong light can lead to having the wrong colors on your work.  When you’re picking and matching your pencils to the colors in your subject, you can easily pick the wrong tones or hues simply because of your lighting.  There’s nothing worse than spending hours on a piece of art and then take it into another room (with different lighting or natural sunlight) and discovering your colors are completely off!   So what’s an artist to do? You can check your local art store for daylight bulbs.  Notice I said art store.  I have tried and failed looking in other stores for daylight bulbs that are at least 6500K.  I know that Blick Art online and in store carry daylight bulbs.  At the very least it’s a good idea to invest in a couple bulbs! If you’re a serious artist and want more than just a bulb the OttLite comes highly recommended.   You can learn more about them on their website:  OttLite  They have a verity of lights from desktop to floor lamps to help you out!  You can also find OttLite products in your local Blick Art store or online. So stop your squinting and mismatching colors, go get yourself a good daylight bulb or daylight lamp! Until next time, Keep Creating!
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