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Works in Progress and Updates

Sandhill Crane Pastel Painting
WIP: Sandhill Crane
8 x 10 inches
Pastel Painting
The above photo is a progress photo of my Sandhill Crane pastel painting.  I have since finished it, but need to get a good scan.  Since completing the Sandhill Crane I have begun a graphite drawing of a Ferruginous Hawk I was able to photograph at Fontenelle Forest’s Rapture Refuge.   Currently I am planning out a busy spring of creating.  I have goals to complete three works in three mediums which I will submit to the local county and state fairs.  Thought it would be fun to enter a competition and finally get my feet wet!  I’ll be using my Ferruginous hawk as my graphite submission.  Then I will also create a pastel painting and a colored pencil piece for submission as well.   Along with those pieces I am working towards expanding my own portfolio by September.  The goal is to have enough pieces finished and framed in order to submit my work for possible display at our main library branch.  They choose 4 artists per year, applications are taken in September and you need to have enough work to fill 100 square feet of space.  If selected my work would be on display for 3 months.   My family decided to get a membership this year at Fontenelle Forest.  It’s an amazing place!  I’ve already taken many photos which I can use for reference in my artwork and some of the best I have shared with the colored pencil facebook group where I am a member.  I am considering adding a free artist photo reference area to this website as well.  I know how frustrating it can be when you need a reference photo but can’t find what you need.   That’s it for now.  Getting back in the swing of things since all the illness & craziness of the past couple months. Until next time, Keep Creating!

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