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Global Roll Up Pencil Cases

Empty Global Roll Up Pencil Case-Rose
  Today I want to review a new toy, uh I mean tool, that I have recently purchased.  It’s the Global Roll Up Pencil Case.  They are available in 4 colors: black, denim, olive and rose.  These pencil cases hold 36 pencils and have a small zippered pocket for extras such as erasers, sharpeners, blending tools or anything else small you want to carry with you.  They are made of canvas with stitched leather edging.  Inside they also have heavy plastic flaps on the top and bottom to protect your pencils and keep them from sliding out when rolled. Recently I purchased the full 20 pencil set of Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils and the set of 6 Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black pencils.  Originally I had intended to keep them in their original tins.   Unfortunately my main tin of 20 pencils ( 9H – 9B ) got damaged and the lid no longer stays on.  That began my search for a way to store them.  I wanted to keep them separate from my Kimberly’s and Derwent’s that are in my large ArtBin.  I also didn’t want to purchase another, smaller ArtBin or other plastic container.  I had heard wonderful things about pencil rolls from colored pencil artists and decided to take a look at them the next time I was in Blick Art. After finding some things I needed, I went to the pencil aisle to look for pencil rolls.  I could only find one brand, the Global Roll Up Pencil Case.  It holds 36 pencils.  The problem was I didn’t need a holder for 36 pencils, I wanted something smaller.  After looking at alternatives (none which roll up) I finally decided to go ahead and purchase this Global Roll Up Pencil Case in rose. When I got home I pulled out my pencils and placed them inside.  The elastic that holds the pencils seems to be nice and snug but not too tight.  Something I didn’t realize about this pencil roll was that it has heavy plastic flaps sewn on the top and bottom which cover the ends of your pencils both to protect them and to keep them from unintentionally sliding out.  There was also a small zippered pouch to carry accessories in which I really like.
Close up of zippered pocket and plastic pencil protector shields.
After placing in my main Lumograph set (20 pencils 9H – 9B) and my Lumograph black set (6 pencils 2B – 8B) I realized I had plenty of room to place my 4 Staedtler Mars Technico clutch pencils and their spare led containers.  I also was able to include one of my long blending stumps, my Tombo Mono Zero round eraser and a Faber Castell Perfection Pencil Eraser.  I also discovered that I can roll up my 1-1/2 inch White Bristle Gesso Brush ( I use for brushing away eraser crumbs) by placing it next to the zipper pouch under the plastic flaps.  If I had not purchased a 36 pencil roll I wouldn’t had enough space to include these other tools.   So far I am incredibly pleased with this purchase.   It is very sturdy and holds my pencils and accessories nice and snug without worries of anything falling out.  It’s also compact and easy to travel with when you’re on the go.  I intend to take it with me on my next visit to Fontenelle Forest so I can do some sketches on the trails!
My full roll up pencil case.
All in all I am giving this pencil case 5 stars!  If you’re looking for a roll up pencil case, definitely give this one a try! Until next time, Keep Creating!  
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