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Raptor Inspiration

Mesa, the female Ferruginous hawk.
Mesa, the female Ferruginous hawk.
  This year our family decided to buy a family membership to Fontenelle Forest.  The best decision ever!  We have been spending our weekends visiting the woodlands as well as our favorite place, the Raptor Refuge.    I have fallen in love with Messa, the beautiful Ferruginous hawk.  I knew I had to try to draw her.  I’ve taken tons of pictures and I’m currently working on her.  Here is my Work In Progress:
"Mesa" WIP Graphite on Smooth Bristol
“Mesa” WIP Graphite on Smooth Bristol
  Our wonderful adventures through the woods have definitely sparked inspiration for me!  I am also working on a pastel painting of an adorable gray squirrel who I photographed on a log a few weeks ago.  Being in the woodlands is such an inspirational thing for me.  I adore the time spent there with my husband and daughter. My daughter and I especially love the Raptor Refuge.  I am giving serious thought to creating a series called “The Raptors of the Refuge” which will drawings of each and every resident raptor.  They are all so beautiful and important educational ambassadors.  They each have their stories on how they ended up at the refuge and while heart breaking that they can no longer be free, their stories serve a wonderful purpose to educate people on their species. I am hoping to finish up Mesa this week.  Who will be next?  There are so many amazing choices! Where do you get your inspiration? Until next time, Keep Creating!
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