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A Little Update

Just  a brief update today on everything going on. I’ve been spending a great deal of time the last few days sorting through photographs.  I decided to create a private Facebook group in order to share my photos with other artists as reference for their work.  While I’m no great photographer, I have some nice, high resolution photos.  I’m hoping my fellow artists will find them useful. Yesterday I began a new colored pencil piece.  I am planning to enter both our county and state fairs.  I expect to have three drawings to enter.  One graphite, one colored pencil and one pastel painting.  Most of my attention currently will be on these three projects. A month ago I purchased two new erasers.  My plan is to do reviews on them within the next month.   I have also been looking into packaging my own prints and all that it entails.  I want to be able to have something other than my originals available for purchase when I set up displays of my artwork. Speaking of displays…  if you’re in the Omaha area you can see 2 of my colored pencil pieces in person!  Our local Blick Art Store chose “Keeping Watch 2” (my colored pencil gray wolf) and “The Lovers” ( my pair of Northern Cardinals) for display at their store.     Until next time, Keep Creating!
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