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Where To Get Help With Your Art

Phoenix Flames
Phoenix Flames – Fractal Digital Art
Today I want to talk about where you can get help with your art.  Whether it’s leaning a new medium, finding new/better ways to do something, or continuing your education as an artist.  We should all, as artists, keep educating ourselves learning new techniques or diving into a medium.  We should always keep learning. A simple Google search can find many places to take online lessons for just about any medium.  However, online classes can be pricey and most new artists simply don’t have the funds to take the classes.  What then?  What can you do to learn and better yourself without spending a ton of money? Easy answer:  YouTube I was excited to find that YouTube is a wealth of artists who have chosen to share their knowledge with other artists!  There are so many wonderful artists who not only show you their work, but take the time to explain their techniques.  I’ve found some wonderful teaching artists on YouTube!  Today I want to discuss one in particular who has not only helped me improve my graphite skills, but inspired me to try something new, colored pencils.

Lisa Clough – Lachri Fine Art

I stumbled across Lisa’s videos when I did a search to figure out a better way to do something in graphite.  I was so captivated by her video I decided to go to her channel to see what her other videos were like.  I was hooked!  I spent a great deal of time watching her videos (still do).  Her personality and style of teaching enchanted me!  It never fails that at some point during her videos or livestreams I will end up laughing. Lisa works in several mediums:  
  • Graphite & Graphitint
  • Colored Pencils
  • Inktense
  • Acrylics
  • Oils
  • Winson & Newton Pigment Markers
Just to name a few.  Two mediums I work in that she doesn’t are watercolors and pastels.   Beyond the various mediums she also has Artist Q & A videos and Artist Vlogs.   These are incredibly helpful!  She talks about all sorts of art related issues from pricing your artwork to using social media.  If you are a new artist you definitely want to check those out as Lisa has wonderfully helpful advice. Why not check her out? Here is her website: Lachri Fine Art Definitely go to her YouTube channel and explore her videos:  Lachri Fine Art YouTube    

A Few Of My Favorite Lachri Videos

  These are just a few of my favorites, she has so many!!   So if you’re looking for help, ideas or advice please go check out Lisa’s YouTube channel!  You won’t be disappointed! Until next time, Keep Creating!      
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