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Blick Studio Easel Sketchbox Table Easel – Review

Today we’re going to take a look at the Blick Studio Easel Sketchbox.  I’ve been working on ways to decrease my migraines.  It seems they tend to stem from neck issues.  After watching several fellow artists work on easels and hearing how it improved their back/neck problems I decided it was time to give it a try!   I began looking online for table top easels.  Currently I simply don’t have the space for my drafting table or a regular floor easel.  I use drawing boards in my lap, however that causes me to have my neck bent over for hours at a time.  Not good.  I looked at every possible tabletop easel I could find and read hundreds of reviews.  I fell in love with the sketchbox type with the pull out drawers where you can keep all sorts of tools. Through all my searching (and looking at some rather expensive easels) I was disappointed to hear many complaints.  Apparently many of these style easels would not stay up in the position you wanted it.  As soon as your hand rested on it, it would begin to tilt backwards.   A couple that had excellent reviews were, shall we say, way out of my price range! I had all but given up on finding one I could afford.   Then I walked into our local Blick Art Store to pick up a few things.  While there I started looking around the easels they had on display and this one caught my eye.  It was set up so you could touch it and look it over really well.  It was set up almost at a 90 degree angle.  I rested my hand against it, nothing moved.  I pressed a little harder, it didn’t budge.  I looked around making sure no one was watching (LOL) and then pushed against the easel with a good degree of force, it remained solid! Then I opened the drawer.  This particular one does not have moving dividers.  The drawer is divided into 4 compartments.  Two are longer and the one on the far right is divided into two smaller compartments. My husband went to the shelves and found it, grabbed the box and we headed to the checkout! I’ve been using it for a little over a week now.  I can say my neck does feel much better not constantly looking down and it wasn’t as much of a challenge drawing upright as I thought it might be.  I am extremely happy with this purchase!  .. ..

Let’s take a closer look:  

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  The easel folds up compact and measures 4½”H × 16½”W × 15″D overall.  I really like the fact that there is a latch to keep the easel against the box during transport or storage. ..
Open easel titled.
A huge plus for me with this easel is that you can angle it any way you want.  Many of the easels I looked at had ridges which limited how to angle the easel, but not this one!  Thanks to the brass screws you can angle it from 0 – 90 degrees and it will stay the way you want it! ..
..   This easel will accommodate artwork, drawing boards and canvases up to 34 inches high!  That means my large drawing board fits it with ease! ..
.. Here are the specs directly from Blick Art:
The Blick Studio Sketchbox Table Easel is a high-quality, beautifully crafted, portable studio for artists on the go. With versatile, independently adjustable carriages that can hold a canvas or panel up to 34″ high, plus integrated storage for tools and supplies, our sketchbox is the perfect companion to take along on your next artistic adventure.
  • Handmade of premium, sanded beechwood with brass-plated hardware
  • Easel tilts back to any angle from 0–90°
  • Independently adjustable carriages accommodate artwork up to 34″ high
  • Locking storage drawer has four compartments
  • Equipped with a genuine leather carrying handle
  • Measures 4½”H × 16½”W × 15″D overall
  • Weighs 9.2 lb

The Bottom Line

I have to say overall I am very happy with this easel.  I can sit it comfortably in my lap and also on a desk or table top.  I love the fact I can take it outside on my yard swing or carry it with me to Fontenelle Forest.  It seems very sturdy and I haven’t found any issues with it as of yet.  It’s still a bit pricey (around $60 USD), but well worth it for decreasing migraines!  The only downfall for me is the weight.  Having fibromyalgia nearly 10 pounds feels like much more!  That’s ok though, I’m still incredibly happy and the weight just shows how sturdy’s the structure of the easel.  I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a tabletop easel! It’s even cat tested & approved by my two studio assistants! .. Until next time, Keep Creating!

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