I decided to become affiliates with two companies.  What this means is that if you click one of my affiliate links and purchase something, I will make a small commission from the sale.  It does not affect the price you pay.  If you choose to use one of my affiliate links please know that I greatly appreciate your support!  

Dick Blick Art

This was the first company I became an affiliate with online.  I chose to do so because of their incredible customer assistance both online and in-store.  They have quality products and I have used them for a very long time.   I am  incredibly pleased with both their wide variety of brands, products and their own Blick Art brand products!    


I have been with Bluehost for 10 years!  I not only use them for my personal websites, but also recommended & used them for client websites back when I did website design.  I’ve had a wonderful experience with them and I highly recommend their services! They are especially wonderful handling websites built with WordPress.    

Drawing Supplies

I truly believe in Blick Art and decided to become a affiliate. The above link is my affiliate link.