Special Thanks

I am abundantly blessed by God with supportive friends and family!

First and foremost my family and friends:

My Mother, Doris Dunn: for encouraging me to draw in my early years.

Jenny Hight: My mother’s sister who is an amazing artist that inspired me.

David Lengyel: My loving husband for his support and encouragement.

Emily Lengyel: My daughter and my greatest creation; it’s because of her I strive to constantly improve my work, setting an example to always follow your dreams.

Theresa Graeve: My best friend since high school who has been like a sister to me. She’s not only my biggest cheerleader but is also the one who stirred up my passion for drawing again. Honestly, she prodded me for several years about returning to art and gave me a few swift kicks.

Melinda Owlett McCarthy: A friend who insisted I needed to make my art work public; it’s because of her I opened my sketchbook for everyone to see.  

A Huge Thank You to:

Mr. James Hagar
 an amazing photographer who has graciously allowed me to use one of his photos as a reference for my bobcat drawing. His website is a must see! Please take a moment to visit him at his website and see his incredible work!   James Hagar Photography

Joel Wedberg and the Omaha Art Collective – The first non-friends/family, who saw me as an artist.  I was honored to be featured on the Omaha Art Collective’s Facebook Page.

Drawing Supplies


I truly believe in Blick Art and decided to become a affiliate. The above link is my affiliate link.