Commission Process

What happens first?

After approving your photos, deciding on the size of your artwork and receiving your deposit,  I will begin work. The first thing I do is make a black and white copy of the original photo if needed, then a second photo with a grid.  I will use all three photos as reference while working on the drawing. *If I am already working on another commission when you contact me I will make you aware of the situation.  As soon as the previous commission is completed I will email you that I am ready to begin your commission.  

What do you use?

You can learn more about what I use for each medium on the following pages. GRAPHITE DRAWINGSEverything used in my graphite work. COLORED PENCIL PAINTINGSEverything used in my colored pencil painting. PASTEL PAINTINGSEverything used in my pastel painting.  

How long will it take?

The time it takes for each drawing varies.  Most drawings take at least 80 hours, some take even longer.  Please be patient and if the artwork is a gift be sure to commission it at least a month prior to the occasion.  I may from time to time take photos of the progress and post them in the blog area “Scribbles” as a work in progress. I use the grid method for the layout of all my drawings which helps maintain the correct positioning and proportions the subject. I will send scans of the work in progress for your approval.  You will be allowed two changes if needed throughout the process.  

What happens when it’s finished?

Once I finish the artwork I will take a photograph of it for you to review. If there are no changes needed and you give final approval, I will then spray the graphite or colored pencil artwork with a final fixative. The fixative helps to prevent any smudging of the graphite/colored pencil.   The final fixative for colored pencil also provides UV light resistance to help stop color fading.  It is recommended that you do not touch the finished portrait as the natural oils in your skin could potentially leave marks on the drawing paper. I will scan the finished artwork in order to keep a print in my portfolio and to use on my website. Final payment is expected after you approve the finished drawing. Once I receive your final payment, your artwork will be packaged and shipped to you.  

How do I care for my pet’s portrait or wildlife art?

Graphite drawings, Colored Pencil paintings, and Pastel Paintings need to be protected in order for them to last. Your drawing/painting needs to be matted and framed behind glass.  You do not want the glass to touch the drawing, so a good mat is a necessity. You should keep your portrait out of direct sunlight and avoid high humidity. A care facts sheet will be included with your artwork.  

The Final Portrait – Legalities

The finished artwork will remain copyrighted to me. To that end, I will use the scan/photograph of your artwork for my online portfolio as well as a printed version to keep in my personal portfolio. Your artwork is for personal use only and you cannot reproduce it or use it for personal financial gain.    

Drawing Supplies

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