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WIP: Juvenile Female Cooper’s Hawk

At the end of October I became aware of an art contest being held by Blick Art.  The contest was open to all mediums including graphite.  The only requirement was that your finished work was black, white and shades of gray.  I was ecstatic!  Finally a contest that allowed graphite work! I immediately began searching for a reference photo.  I wanted to do a fresh new piece for the contest.  I also wanted it to be 8 x 10 inches.  That size would allow me to scan my artwork as opposed to taking a photo for my submission.  I finally decided on a beautiful photo by Edged Feather Photography.  The deadline for the contest was November 13th, so I had to begin working right away. Here’s pictures of the progress: I placed my otter on hold while I worked on the drawing for the contest.  Then a few days ago I wanted to double check something on the contest page.  I noticed a small link to the “official rules” and clicked it.  As I read through the long list I discovered I am not eligible to enter.  In the long list of who cannot enter ( employees & their families etc) I noticed the word that disqualified me, “affiliates.”  I shook my head and smiled.  I never gave it a thought that when I became an affiliate I would be unable to participate in any contests they hold.  I do have to say there are a great deal of incredible entries! I am now in the process of finishing up my beautiful raptor.  I’ll be making prints available of her and she’ll be added to my portfolio.  I’m very glad I started working on her and can’t wait to get her finished up! As soon a she’s finished, I’ll be headed back to my River Otter! Stay tuned….      
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