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Realism: Photo vs Hyper

Juvenile Female Cooper's Hawk 8 x 10 Graphite
Example of Photo Realism
In the world of art there’s a lot of “-isms.”  Today I want to talk about the difference between photo realism and hyper realism. Wait, what?  There’s a difference? Yes, yes there is a difference. Let’s take a look at the what each means respectively.

Photo Realism

This is my style of artwork.  I prefer to work in the realm of photo realism. With photo realism, when you look at a piece of art you can tell exactly what it is, but you can also tell that it’s a piece of artwork.  The artist uses photographs of their subject/s as a reference for the finished piece of art.  

Hyper Realism

Hyper realism is when you look at the piece of art you will truly believe you are looking at an actual photograph!  It’s so realistic you can’t tell that it’s a created piece of art.  Hyper realism is an amazing art form and many artists working in this area simply amaze me!  Hyper Realism is like an evolution of photo realism, taking photo realism a step beyond.  It’s painstaking work with each tiny shadow, each pore of the skin, each tiny minute detail reproduced in the work of art.   Today many artists are striving towards hyper realism despite the fact that it’s not widely recognized as true art.  There are still many people who will dismiss hyper realism.  Why?  I really don’t know.  To me, hyper realism is indeed a style of art and quite labor intensive as well.  I suppose it all goes back to, “art is subjective.”  

3 D Art

Another fun style in the area of photo realism is 3D art.  This is where someone draws something that’s incredibly realistic which also appears to be breaking through the paper or standing on / flying above the paper.  I have seen some truly amazing 3D drawings!  Try googling 3D drawings and see for yourself! Until next time, Have a Merry Christmas and Keep Creating!  
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