New Supplies

I thought I’d share with you some new supplies I purchased.  I was able to get them a few weeks ago, however I am still having technology issues and haven’t been able to blog until today. I’m super excited about having these new tools in my artistic arsenal!  I’ve been able to use them a bit and I’ll give you my opinions on how they are all working for me. Let’s start with the latest additions to my graphite tools!  

Faber Castell 9000

  I’ve been wanting to try the Faber Castell 9000 series graphite pencils for quite a while.  I was excited to be able to try them out.  The largest set I was able to purchase in-store was the Drawing Set of 12.  While I’m glad to have all the “B” grade pencils, I am missing the 3H, 4H, 5H and 6H.  I will have to purchase those open stock online as our local Blick doesn’t carry them. Over all I love the smoothness of the graphite in these pencils.  They are also a bit darker than my other graphites, so I have to remember to use a light hand and a grade or two lighter pencil than what I would use in my other graphites.  They come pre-sharpened with a very nice point!  Once I have the entire set, I want to create a graphite drawing using only the 9000’s to really give them a good test. Along with these wonderful graphites, I picked up some open stock Faber Castell Aquarelle graphites.    

Faber Castell Aquarelle

I recently watched two videos of artists using these pencils.  I never thought I’d want, let alone like, water soluble graphite.  Boy was I wrong!
Faber Castell Faber Castell Aquarelle 2B-6B
Our local Blick did not carry the set, nor did they carry all the grades.  I picked up the 2B, 4B and 6B open stock.  I need to purchase the HB and 8B to complete the set. I am really excited about these.  I scribbled around a bit and then blended with water, watching the magic happen!  They blend out beautifully and remind me of an ink wash or black watercolor wash.  They don’t erase much after you blend them with water, so make sure you have it where you want it before blending.  This would work well to create an underpainting of a graphite piece too!  They are definitely fun and versatile!  I can see myself using these a lot! When I had some commissions come in a while back, I sat aside an uncompleted graphite drawing.  I totally forgot about it until a few days ago.  I pulled it out to finish and decided to use the Faber Castell Faber Castell Aquarelle in the left side background where there are blurry trees.  Here’s the beginning of the left side background:
“Target Acquired”
I can’t wait to finish this up.  The background will be a mix of the Faber Castell Aquarelle and graphite powder.    

Other Graphite Supplies

Of course when getting a new set of pencils I need to get a few things to go along with them.  Here’s the extras. First, I picked up another Global Pencil Roll Up.  I love the one I purchased for my Staedtler graphites!  Then I grabbed another small blending chamois, various size rice paper stumps, a Tombow Mono Zero eraser & refill.  I split the rice paper stumps between all my graphite supplies (the two pencil roll ups and the sketchbox easel).  Then the new chamois, Tombo & refill went into the roll with the Faber Castell 9000’s and Aquarelles.  

Other Art Supplies

Yes, I did have to pick up a couple other things.  I needed a few more Faber Castell Polychromos colors and while there I purchased another kneaded eraser and discovered a Prismacolor eraser which I will test out! The last two pictures above are for my pastel work.  It is a tapered cone Colour Shaper.  It is FANTASTIC!  Not only does it save my fingers from rubbing off skin when blending, it can get into teensy tiny areas to blend without disturbing the pastel around it.  I will be getting more of these for sure in other sizes and shapes!   Well, that’s it for my latest art haul.   Until next time, Keep Creating!  
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