Happy 2018!

“Rainbow Waiting For The Rain”

 Happy New Year everyone!

Last year was full of ups and downs.  More often than not I was without the use of my laptop.  I also ended the year with a broken phone.  Add in numerous phone charges that died along with four laptop adaptor cords that melted!  It was a tough year!  

Despite all of that, a number of good things happened as well.  Most exciting for me was diving in and trying out new mediums!  I am so excited to have the opportunity to expand my work into other areas such as ink and pastels.  I have seriously fallen in love with Derwent Inktense blocks!  Working with pastels has been incredibly fun as well.

My number one overall goal for this year is improvement.


I am excitedly moving forward this year in building my strengths with these mediums.  My number one overall goal for this year is improvement.   I want to work on my skills not only in Inktense, Watercolor, and Pastels; but also in Graphite and Colored Pencils.   

Keeping that in mind I am also going to delve back into a medium I worked in for a long time.  However, it will have a new twist!  For many years I created digital art, primarily for the use on websites.  Recently our 9 (almost 10) year old daughter has been interested in digital art.  She loves creating on my laptop.  When Christmas rolled around my husband and I began looking into a special Christmas present for our daughter.  A graphics tablet.  I have one of the original Wacom Graphire tablets, which I hated!  In researching tablets I discovered how much more advanced they are and found a relatively inexpensive but good tablet.  We purchased a Huion 1060 plus upgraded graphics tablet.  Oh. My. Goodness.  It is amazing!!  I’ve been playing around with it in order to set up the express keys and it’s amazing.  My husband said it’s a joint Christmas present for our daughter and myself because he truly thought I’d love working with it too.  I wasn’t sure about that, but now that it’s here and I’m playing on it, yes, Mommy likes it!

Along with learning to use the tablet, I have been trying out a new brand of colored pencils.  One of my last pieces of 2017 is pictured at the beginning of the blog, a Lilac Breasted Roller was created using these new pencils.  Keep an eye out for my review on them.

“Contemplation” 8 x 10 on 11 x 14 Bristol Vellum, Colored Pencil Painting of a Cougar

My first completed piece for 2018 was “Contemplation”  (above) an 8 x 10 colored pencil cougar on 11 x 14 bristol vellum.  I also completed, “Say Ahhh” my Inktense Red Panda.  The only pieces from 2017 left to complete are “Halsey” the great horned owl in colored pencil and “Target Acquired” my graphite redtail hawk.  My hawk has been waiting for the temperatures to cooperate.  It needs a layer of workable fixative before I can finish it but it’s either been too humid, hot, windy or now too cold.  Fixative is one of those things that can be pesky to deal with depending on the temperature and humidity.  I don’t dare spray it in the house, the fumes are not good for anyone.  Hopefully this week I’ll finally be able to get it sprayed! ( We’re supposed to get warmer temperatures this week.)

I started my first piece for 2018, a graphite piece of a Big Horn Sheep.  I’ll be adding this mammal to my portfolio along with a Pronghorn.  I am looking forward to continuing the big game species of Nebraska with Elk, Whitetail Deer, and Mule Deer.  I plan to continue to add to my exotic wildlife portfolio along with my series of Raptors of the Refuge.

It looks to be an exciting and busy year and I am jumping in with both feet!

Until next time,
Keep Creating!

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