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Schpirerr Farben Colored Pencil Review

Today I’d like to discuss a new brand of colored pencils, Schpirerr Farben.

Transparency:  Links within this review are not affiliate links.  I do not receive any compensation for your purchases using these links.

One of my favorite artists on Instagram, biophilicart, tested out a new brand of colored pencils called Schpirerr Farben.  I was amazed by her beautiful work done with these pencils and intrigued by her review of them.  That’s when I decided I needed to give them a try!

Here’s the description on Amazon where they are currently being sold:

Sink In Creative Inspiration

Why limit your inspiration when you can work on your masterpiece wherever you are with all your artistic equipment stylishly packed in perfect order?

Boost Your Creativity At Any Moment With This Excellent Coloured Pencils Set By Schpirerr Farben

Treat yourself to long creative hours of artistic creativity in the premium convenience of this 72 colors pencils set that will allow you to carry all your colored pencils in perfect order.

The elegant compact tin box will safeguard all your colored pencil set and make an invaluable travel companion! Take it with you on all your travels, road trips or just your daily out and about and allow your inspiration to be expressed at any moment!

Rich Bright Coloring Pencils For Adults & Kids

The wide range of our handsome 72 rich pigment artists’ coloring pencils with the steady, oil-based core and the high softness lead will allow for excellent grip and offer your artwork deep, vibrant color blending, effortlessly laid on the paper, for your ultimate convenience.

Spoil Your Artistic Friends

Offer this high quality art pencil set to your artistic friends or family, to your beloved sketchers or artists and show off your excellent taste! Give it to your kids to complement their school supplies and enjoy their ear-to-ear smile at this unique Shpirerr Farben pencil set!

And here are the specs on Amazon:

  • 3.3mm Pre-sharpened oil core richly saturated pigments points, are perfect for artists to sketch draw or color
  • Perfect for shading and blending – our oil smooth yet durable lead makes it easy for evenly color laydown
  • 72 super vivid colors choice in 3 strong trays makes your art experience a joyful one that will have you come back again and again and will inspire to color, paint and create
  • THE perfect idea for a gift – whether for your best friend or yourself, our tin gorgeous box will have the WOW factor and will be the talk of the evening
  • Produced in China with Nontoxic core awesome for the young aspiring artist that wants to color with a professional colors set

So let’s take a look at the pencils!

When they arrived they were in a beautiful white box with the name in gold lettering (forgot to take a picture.)  Inside was a lovely tin.  They definitely come packaged well.

Opening the tin I was treated to a beautiful set of 72 colors in three plastic trays.  The pencils themselves look very nice with the gold paint on their wood casings.

There are nice finger grips on each side of the trays which allow you to remove them easily.  



Left & Right side tray finger grips

My next order of business was swatching out the colors.  This is one of my favorite things to do!  It’s also important no matter what brand of colored pencil you purchased.  Many times the color of the core is not the same as the color of the paint on the casing.  You want to know ahead of time exactly how each color is going to look when you lay it down.  *Side note:  You should always make new swatches when working on colored or black paper.  Use an extra piece of the colored paper or even the margins of your drawing, so you can see how each color will look.  Black and colored papers can make your colored pencils appear very different than if you use them on white.  

Schpirrer Farben Color Swatches

The pencils do come pre-sharpened, but if you work in colored pencil you know you need to have an incredibly sharp point.  After swatching out all the colors I then used my Kum Long Point sharpener to sharpen each pencil.  I was excited to see that they sharpened quite nicely!

New sharp points and KUM sharpener.


I simply could not wait to get started on a new project using these pencils!  I wanted to do something colorful so I could use as many of the vibrant colors as possible.  After much searching, I decided to draw a Lilac Breasted Roller.  These beautiful little African birds are vividly colored and I would get a chance to use colors I don’t normally use.

As soon as I put pencil to paper I fell in love!  It’s difficult to explain the feel to someone who doesn’t use colored pencils but for those who do I can say they feel as if Faber Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor Premier Soft Cores got together and had a baby!  It’s like the best of both worlds!  They hold a point beautifully which allows them to be wonderful for detail work, but they also lay down buttery soft like Prismas without wax bloom.  They also blend beautifully without fading using Gamsol (Odorless Mineral Spirits) and layer quite well!

Here is my completed Lilac Breasted Roller titled, “Rainbow Waiting For The Rain.”  It is 8 x 10 on 9 x 12 Bristol Vellum, reference photo from Pixabay.


“Rainbow Waiting for the Rain” – Lilac Breasted Roller
I LOVE how bright and vivid the colors of these pencils are and how well they perform!  

My conclusion?  Let’s look at the pros and cons.


  • Oil based, no wax bloom. 
  • Holds sharp point well.
  • Vivid colors.
  • Blend beautifully with OMS
  • Layer beautifully.
  • Price – Artist quality pencils at an affordable price.
  • 72 colors, a very nice selection.


  • Not available open stock (yet).
  • Not tested for lightfastness.
  • No color names, random numbers instead.

While my “cons” list is much smaller two of the issues mentioned are big ones for artists selling their work. 

Not having open stock means if you run out of a color you need to purchase the entire set again just to get that one color.  Even though these pencils are quite affordable not having open stock pencils available proves to be problematic financially.

Not tested for lightfastness means you dare not use these pencils in original pieces you intend to sell or commission work.  Since they are not tested we have no way of knowing if they will keep their color over time while being exposed to light.  The last thing you want to do is create a piece of artwork, have someone purchase it, then have them return in 6 months to a year complaining that the piece faded or the colors changed.  

Despite the cons do I recommend these pencils?


If you are wanting to try out colored pencils, but don’t want to make a huge investment (in case you don’t like the medium) these pencils will give you the feel without the cost!  I think they make the perfect “starter pencil” for anyone delving into the colored pencil medium.  They’ll give you the same feel and quality as using a higher priced pencil while you learn the basics.   Then if you like working in colored pencil, as you use up certain colors you could replace them with similar (lightfast) open stock colors of one of the more expensive brands.

Current colored pencil artists may want to add these to their collections as well.  Why?  The colors are lush and gorgeous!  These pencils could be used for artwork you only use for prints.  While I will not be selling my original Lilac Breasted Roller, I am making prints available for sale.

Personally, I would love to see these pencils tested for lightfastness.  Due to the cost involved and the target market for these pencils (adult coloring etc) it is doubtful they will be tested.  Open stock is something they are looking into, which I am excited about!  If they choose to make the pencils available open stock it would pretty much seal the deal on my recommendations!  

If you want to purchase a set you can find them on Amazon:  Schpirerr Farben Professional Premium Colored Pencils

The current price as I am writing this is $29.74 USD.  

If you give them a try tell me what you think of them!

Until next time,
Keep Creating!

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