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Schpirerr Farben Colored Pencil Review

Today I’d like to discuss a new brand of colored pencils, Schpirerr Farben.Transparency:  Links within this review are not affiliate links.  I do not receive any compensation for your purchases using these links.One of my favorite artists on Instagram, biophilicart, tested out a new brand of colored pencils called Schpirerr Farben. ...

Seeing Colors

Today I want to talk a bit about seeing colors in your reference.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using a photo or working from real life, as an artist (especially working in realism) you want to “see” the colors of the subject.

Trials and Errors

Most artists have a single medium they work/specialize in.  It’s our “safe place” where we are most comfortable working.  Yet, as artists we also want to explore other mediums and learn new things.  When we do and everything clicks, we feel on top of the world!  Yet, things don’t...

Fan Art, Fun or Risky?

Fan art is something that almost every artist will encounter at some point in their career.  Most young artists will create fan art of their favorite characters as they are practicing their skills.  Harmless fun right?  Let’s talk about that today.

Is Tracing Cheating?

    Today I want to talk about tracing and the entire can of worms that opens up when it’s mentioned.  Although I have discussed various methods used by artists: Isn’t That Cheating?  I feel like revisiting this issue due to various discussions I have been seeing in art...

Framing Your Work

Today I want to talk about something artists eventually need to do, frame their artwork. As a new artist you may not have given much thought to getting your work framed.   Then one day you create a piece that you love and decide to frame it.  What do...


Where To Get Help With Your Art

Phoenix Flames

Today I want to talk about where you can get help with your art.  Whether it’s leaning a new medium, finding new/better ways to do something, or continuing your education as an artist.  We should all, as artists, keep educating ourselves learning new techniques or diving into a medium....