My Tools

Many people wonder what I use to create my drawings.   I use a number of tools in the creation of my work. I’ve collected quite a bit over the years and have some old favorites as well as some new discoveries.

The Basics

These are the basic tools I use no matter what medium in which I am working.

Preliminary Tools
  • I begin with a good reference photo.
  • My laptop computer and PaintShop Pro.  I use these to create copies of photos and photos with grids.
Papers, Boards, Rulers, Tape


Drawing Tools, Erasers, Sharpeners


  • Sharpeners – various pencil sharpeners including a sandpaper block for a few of my pencils. I should add I also keep an Exacto Knife in my case for pencil sharpening, eraser cutting and anything else I might need.

  • Helix A5 Sharpener – An incredible sharpener which allows you to sharpen your pencils according to 5 different settings.  Setting #5 gives you an amazing long point!

  • KUM Magnesium Wedge Sharpener – Specifically used for my Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils.

  • Alvin Brass Bullet – Specifically used for my Prismacolor Premier Soft Core colored pencils.

  • Large ArtBin – I can keep all my tools together. (My 3 tier ArtBin is over 20 years old, they have updated ones now.)

  • Small ArtBin Sketch Pack for traveling with a few tools.

  • Global Roll Up Pencil Case – I use one to keep all my Staedtler pencils & clutch pencils in this.  The other is for my Faber Castell 9000 pencils and my Faber Castell Aqualla water souluable pencils.  I Love them! ( I have the rose colored one and the denim blue.)

Tools for Specific Mediums

The links below will take you to the tools I use for specific mediums.

Drawing Supplies

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