Colored Pencil

Many people wonder what I use to create my drawings.   I use a number of tools in the creation of my work. I’ve collected quite a bit over the years and have some old favorites as well as some new discoveries. I’ve linked many of my supplies to either Blick Art or Amazon, for each item.  Although I am an affiliate for Blick Art, none of the Blick links below have my affiliate code, and I will receive no compensation for you buying from these links.   

Check out my Basic Tools list for things I use in all my mediums.

Drawing Tools, Erasers, Sharpeners
  • Gamsol –  Odorless mineral spirits used for blending.
  • Brush and Pencil Texture Fixative – This stuff is amazing!  If you can’t add layers and need more tooth, just spray it on and wait 15 minutes.  It makes layers limitless!
  • Brush and Pencil Powder Blender – This is wonderful for large areas and backgrounds!  Must be used on sanded or gessoed paper and works best with oil based pencils.
  • Brush and Pencil Final Fixative – Used to seal and protect your finished colored pencil piece.  Prevents smudging.
  • Various small brushes for blending with Gamsol.  I currently use Taklon Bristle and Synthetic Hog hair sets  Hobby Lobby brand.
  • Various sponges for blending with the Brush and Pencil Powder Blender

  • Global Pencil Case – I purchased the case that holds 120 pencils.  I use it to keep my 85 lightfast Prismacolor Premier pencils and some of my polychromos pencils easy to grab.  The remaining 65 non-lightfast Prismacolors I am keeping in the original box they came inside.  I intend to eventually purchase another case to store all my polychromos.

Drawing Supplies

I truly believe in Blick Art and decided to become a affiliate. The above link is my affiliate link.