Many people wonder what I use to create my drawings.   I use a number of tools in the creation of my work.
I’ve collected quite a bit over the years and have some old favorites as well as some new discoveries.

I’ve linked many of my supplies to either Blick Art or Amazon, for each item.  Although I am an affiliate for Blick Art, none of the Blick links below have my affiliate code, and I will receive no compensation for you buying from these links.


Preliminary Tools
  • I begin with a good reference photo.
  • My laptop computer and PaintShop Pro.  I use these to create black and white copies of photos and photos with grids.


 Boards, Rulers, Tape
  • Glassine  This is what I use to place over my drawings to protect them while I draw, resting my hand on the glassine.
  • An aluminum straight edge.  I have two ( 18 inch and 24 inch ) which are used for measuring the drawing paper and creating a light grid.
  • Drawing boards.  I use the Richeson Drawing Clip Board and Blick Sketch Pad BoardsThis allows me the freedom to sketch and draw anywhere.
  • Blick White Artist Tape – PH Neutral tape to tape the paper down to the drawing boards.  It helps to keep the edges clean and the papers flat.






Drawing Tools, Erasers, Sharpeners




  • Exacto Knife in my case for pencil sharpening, eraser cutting and anything else I might need.
  • Helix A5 Sharpener – An incredible sharpener which allows you to sharpen your pencils according to 5 different settings.  Setting #5 gives you an amazing long point!