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These are products I own and use.


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Derwent Lightfast

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Prismacolor Premier



These are products I own and use.

A Word of Caution

About buying papers.

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Good quality papers are expensive and different artists like different papers for their own techniques.  Never buy a huge amount of paper until you’ve tested it out on several drawings to see if it works for you.



These are products I own and use.

Finding a good eraser can be key to getting your drawings the way you want them.  Play around with various erasers and get a feel for what you like.

Sirius Black

Using Erasers

Whether working on portraits, landscapes or wildlife, erasers are your friend.  Erasers can be used for “negative” drawing, adding highlights and softening edges.


Blending Tools

These are products I own and use.

  • Gamsol – Odorless mineral spirits used for blending.
  • elf Concealer Brush is my new favorite for blending with Gamsol!  It’s an inexpensive makeup brush that works like a charm. You can find them where you buy makeup.
  • Brush and Pencil Powder Blender – This is wonderful for large areas and backgrounds! Must be used on sanded or gessoed paper and works best with oil based pencils.
  • Brush and Pencil Final Fixative – Used to seal and protect your finished colored pencil piece. Prevents smudging.
  • Various small brushes for blending with Gamsol. I currently use Taklon Bristle and Synthetic Hog hair sets Hobby Lobby brand.
  • Various sponges for blending with the Brush and Pencil Powder Blender



These are products I own and use.

Never Too Many!


Other / Misc.

These are products I own and use.


Brother's Messenger

Contrast is Key

No matter what you are drawing you need to have contrast to make your images pop.  Don’t be afraid to go dark, and reserve the white of the paper only for your brightest highlights.