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Inktense & Ink

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Inktense & Inks

These are products I own and use.


My Inks



These are products I own and use.

A Word of Caution

About buying papers.

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Good quality papers are expensive and different artists like different papers for their own techniques.  Never buy a huge amount of paper until you’ve tested it out on several drawings to see if it works for you.



These are products I own and use.

As you may realize, erasing ink is difficult if not impossible.  Inktense can be lifted BEFORE you activate with water, but not afterwards.  Also, working with regular inks there is no erasing without damaging the paper.

In order to preserver whites and light areas it’s best to use a masking fluid or frisket to protect those areas from coming into contact with the inks.

Masking Fluid

Using Erasers

Working with ink the only thing you will probably be erasing are the graphite lines of your sketch.  Inks don’t erase.



These are products I own and use.

Never Too Many!


Other / Misc.

These are products I own and use.

Silent Assassin

Contrast is Key

No matter what you are drawing or painting you need to have contrast to make your images pop.  Don’t be afraid to go dark.