New Design and Updates 2019

by | Apr 1, 2019 | General Art

It’s April first, but it’s no joke today. Today I officially go live with my new website design and store!  I am excited with this new take on the original version of my website and I’ve worked hard all through the month of March creating it.   Why now?  The reason I decided to go for the change now is because my Bluehost account was due for renewal at the end of March.   I’ve been with them for many years now, but in the past 2 or 3 their support has gone downhill.  I didn’t want to renew with them.

Over the past couple years, as a follower/subscriber of Lachri Fine Art ( Lisa Clough) I have heard Lisa speak about her web host and the incredible support they give.  I began looking into them over a year ago.   The first week of March 2019 I took a deep breath and hit the signup button with EMWD.  Can I just say, WOW, I had a few little issues getting started (mainly due to my migraines & brain fog) and EMWD support was right there immediately helping me out!  I am so far quite impressed, so much so I’ve become an affiliate!


Here you can see a screenshot of my old website design.  You can tell I’ve made changes but you can also see what I’ve kept consistant with the old design.  It’s sort of like the old design 2.0! 

I still love the color pallet for my site.  I chose blues because they remind me of the sky.  From mid-day bright blue skies to the beautifully deep night sky, blues seem to work perfectly with my wildlife art.  I also feel it’s a bit easy on the eyes.

Since I was going to move to a new web host I thought it would also be a good time to give Divi a try!  Divi is the theme/builder for WordPress that Lisa Clough uses as well.  So rather than simply have EMWD migrate my website to their servers, I chose to download all my files from Bluehost and then start with a fresh, clean instal of WordPress and rebuild.  

While that was all well and good in theory, I ran into a tiny problem.  When I downloaded my databases, I didn’t check them before deleting my files off of the Bluehost servers.  I quickly discovered this when I attepted to open my old website locally on my laptop (thinking I’d be able to copy & paste what I needed to the new site.)  Nope the databases did not save properly.  I was truly building my website from scratch!

That is why there are no old blog posts here.  They are all gone with the loss of the database.  I did manage to find a few older posts on the Wacky Way Back Machine (and archival website) but I quickly realized they were out of date and needed to be rewritten.  Let’s just say I have a good start on blog content by rewriting those few articles I found.


Always Double

Check Your

Database Saves!

Other News

Affiliate Disclosure


I am an affiliate for Blick Art,  EMWD Hosting and Elegant Themes / Divi.

Some links on my website have my affiliate code.  I will receive a small compensation when you buy from these links.

♥  There is no additional cost to you. ♥

I’m looking forward to my second year on YouTube!  I met my goal of starting my channel last year and it’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun!  I’ve met quite a few other Artist/YouTube Creators and am honored to be able to call them friends.

I plan to start encorporating my videos here in my blogs, a wonderful benefit to having a YouTube channel.  You’ll be able to read posts or simply watch/listen to the video or both!

I look forward to this new year with my new design.  I can’t wait to dive in with new tutorials, product reviews, news, vlogs and more!  Stay tuned!

Now it’s back to work for me!

Until next time, Keep Creating!

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